Perrhenic acid

Product Name Synonyms:
Product Name Synonyms: Perrhenic acid solution, Hydrogen perrhenate, Hydrogen tetraoxorhenate Perrhenic(VII)acid, Tetraoxorhenic(VII) acid, Perrhenic acid, aqueous solution, Hydroxy(trioxo)rhenium, Hydroxotrioxorhenium(VII) solution
Light yellow liquid
Application area:
Application area: Oil refining, metallurgy, aviation, nuclear, space, electrical engineering, chemical industries
CAS: 13768-11-1
Additional Information:

Used to create bimetallic catalysts applied to produce pure salts of intermetallic compounds. It is also used to prepare highly conducting and superconducting synthetic metals. Used as a reagent for the presence of heavy metal salts in solution. Rhenium and rhenium-based alloys are used to make filaments, grid heaters, cathode cups and ignitor wires.

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