Logistics and Customs Clearance Manager

In connection with the development of new projects, we invite you to join the team of the Logistics and Customs Clearance Managers.

Job responsibilities:

  • Calculation and selection of optimal logistics routes with minimal costs;
  • Handling import/export of the Goods (chemical and petrochemical feedstock) by all types of vehicles;
  • Tracking the Goods at all freight stages "end-to-end";
  • Prompt cooperation with customs brokers (calculation of customs charges, preparing a package of documents for clearance of the Goods at customs);
  • Prompt cooperation with certification bodies and other counterparties, including their search, for issuing permits;
  • Forecasting and control of transportation and customs situation (seasonal features of transportation, analysis of the legislative framework relating to customs clearance and logistics);
  • Verification of the Company`s internal contracts with respect to logistics and customs clearance;
  • Checking invoices of counterparties;
  • Handling settlements with new counterparties;
  • Maintaining a database and reporting on the performed work.

Our requirements:

  • Responsibility, efficiency, ability to make quick decisions, attentiveness, proactivity;
  • 3-year experience in international logistics, customs clearance will be an advantage;
  • Knowledge of Incoterms2010;
  • Knowledge of specifics with respect to import and export shipments of general and multi-load, dry and bulk liquid cargos (by sea, road, rail transport);
  • Knowledge of the accompanying documentation, international norms and rules of the Goods shipment by various types of transport;
  • Specific of the Goods customs clearance: document flow, procedure for customs costs assessment, calculation of customs payments;
  • Experience of self-sufficient declaration will be an advantage;
  • Higher field-specific education is desirable;
  • English (good Intermediate level).

Working conditions:

  • Interesting work in a European company with a rapidly growing business;
  • Prospects for professional, career and financial growth;
  • Salary level is discussed with a successful candidate;
  • Official employment;
  • Friendly team;
  • New office, located in 1 minute walk from the undeground station “Moskovskie vorota”: Tashkentskaya Str., Business Center “Davidov”.
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