Sales Manager

In connection with projects development we invite you to join the team of Sales Managers.

Our candidate is a microentrepreneur. He/she enjoys cooperation with clients. He/she is focused on a successful result in sales, interested in marketing and business. Experience in sales project management is not a mandatory condition, competencies and desire to move sales projects forward - YES!

Job responsibilities:

  • Increase volumes of export and import deliveries, involve new types of goods and resources in export and import;
  • Actively sell, competently manage sales projects from procurement to implementation: ensure interaction between departments, control logistics, customs clearance, workflow, account receivable, etc.
  • Hold negotiations with potential and existing customers, organize meetings, enter into contracts;
  • Develop the existing client base, be able to plan strategically;
  • Conduct market analysis, prepare and make presentations on own projects, products;
  • Control account receivable;
  • Prepare internal reports;
  • Be ready for business trips.

Our requirements:

  • Higher education, advanced level of English;
  • Successful results in sales. At least 2-year experience in a position of a sales manager (B2B);
  • Strong negotiation skills;
  • Knowledge of the regulatory framework governing international haulage (Incoterms, bill of lading) is desirable;
  • Initiative, perseverance and social skills.

Working conditions:

  • A friendly team of 60 people. The average age is 28 years. Corporate events, debates, other un-PC events;
  • Professional growth and interesting tasks;
  • Convenient location of the office: 1 min. walk from the underground station “Moskovskie vorota” to the Business Center “Davydov”;
  • Salary – 50,000.00 rubles + quarterly premium of up to 7% of gross margin in case of a sales plan fulfillment. The total income of sales managers working in our company for more than one year is from 100,000.00 rubles. per month;
  • Employment under the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (vacation, sick leave), corporate mobile communication, hospitality expenses;
  • We provide the opportunity to work and earn an income!

We will be grateful if you send us an application letter in which you describe what experience you have in sales, why you enjoy it and why we should choose only you.

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