Hexagonal Low Corrosion Target Tiles HT-LC

Hexagonal Tiles
Application area:
Chemical and petrochemica industry
Additional Information:

HT-LC Hexagonal Tile

HT-LC Hexagonal Target Tiles are manufactured using a proprietary, low corrosion metal oxide formulation which resolves the corrosion of Al2O3, SiO2, K2O and Na2O contained in 99% alumina materials from exposure to the high temperature process gas. 

HT-LC is the solution to this problem. In addition to enhanced corrosion resistance, Christy’s HT-LC formulation provides superior catalyst hold down due to its 60% higher density compared to 99% Al2O3 materials.  Alternatively, the height of HT-LC Hex-Tile can be reduced to maintain an equivalent HT-99 Hex-Tile weight and reduce cost.

HT-LC Hex-Tiles are available in the same sizes and configurations as HT-99 including Standard, Jumbo and our patented Super Jumbo Hex-Tiles as well as Circle Brick for installation around the perimeter of the vessel

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