Thiourea dioxide

Product Name Synonyms:
sulfite sulpho-acid methyamide, thiourea dioxide
White crystalline powder
Application area:
production of rubber goods and natural rubber
Additional Information:
Thiourea dioxide is used in dyeing deoxidized and sulphide dyes, white-washing sheep wool and natural silk, restoring and cleaning distributed dyes, peeling off bad dyeing of direct or reactive dye, cleaning color bath, etc. In addition, this product is used as reducing/bleaching/decolouring agent, plastic desensitizer, organic synthetic antioxidant and photosensitive material for paper pulp bleaching and separating waste paper in paper production; as activator and desensitizer of synthetic resin in production of high-molecular materials; in chemical industry by careful processing for production of organic synthetic photosensitive material, drugs in medicine and flavouring agents, as well as in production of reclaimed products and separation of valuable metals.
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